Grade 6

New Brunswick

Dear Home

Dear Home,

Thanks for adventure
Thanks for a heart Slaying dragons in the living room
Full of love That will stay real
And memories Until I have no imagination left in me
And joy.
I’m sorry too
Thanks for a shelter Sorry that some people have a house
In my room But no home
Where you took away the monsters Sorry that some people
From my closet Don’t have a house at all
As I lay in a bed. Sorry I’ve done
So little
Thank you for a place For something that means
Full of light So much
Because even when its grey
And cloudy inside Some people have only hope
It will forever be warm So now I hope for them
And sunny Maybe I can make difference
In the wonderful place Using little symbols on a page?
You’ve given me.
Thank you for family Chaya
-a mother
-a father
-a sister
-a dog
Because they are my home too.