Grade 6


Dear Home For Humanity Foundation…

Home is defined in many words such as a place to live. But home is more than that. Home is a place to feel safe, dry and with no violence. It can help with many things. Without it, you would have no shelter. Home is not an apartment or condo, it is a house with room for family and memories. Home is a place for which everyone deserves to have as having safety and security in their homes. Even the homeless are people who need homes too even if they have no money what so ever. They need a home with food, water, and with no violence. This is a problem in society, so home isnt just a place. Home is with family more with nessesities, furniture, family, love, and most of all loved ones to share your memories aswell.

In conclusion home is need for everyone. Even if it is just a bungalow, to a huge fancy mansion, home can be pretty much anywhere as long as you have family. That’s what home means to me.

P.S. Donate more!!