Grade 5


Dear Diary

Dear Diary, 01/30/20
Hi, today I was thinking about what home means to me. I also thought about the people in the world who don’t have a home for their family. It breaks my heart, just the thought of it.
My home is a place where we make memories. Memories that we carry along with us throughout the years. Memories that last forever and ever. Memories in the kitchen or the bathroom, outside or inside.
A place where you feel loved and safe. Joy fills your heart and then bursts out like a balloon. Where you feel accepted for who you are, knowing that you are treated with love, care, and kindness.
Somewhere that is fun, welcoming and comforting.
Home is a place where you share your feelings with each other. Laughter fills the room. A place where you make up random things as a family.
I thought about what my family does together. We have movie nights and game nights, popcorn and s’mores. We play sports together and we go on trips as a family. We also have occasional staycations and jump on the trampoline in the backyard.
I feel smooth, glossy piano keys underneath my fingers. The sounds make my heart feel warm.
My family sits by the TV under furry blankets and watch the Jets game.
The most important thing about my home and the people in it, is that we spend so much time together. It makes us feel happy and loved.
Oh! My brother is calling me to play another game of Monopoly! Gotta go!