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Da Meaning of Home

Da Meaning O’ Home 

Home Feels Like a ForceField, And a Calm Meadow, With My Thoughts In The Place, There Is  
Family, And Your Pets, And Things You Have, And Should Feel Good For Having. 
You Should Feel Happy, Or Else You Would Be Lonely, And Wouldn’t Have Shelter,  
So, You Look All Around, And See Things, And Feel Love, And Feel Better Than Normal, 
And You Cry, Hoping Everybody Will Have a Home.  
Then, And Go To Bed, And Inside Your Dream, You See Everybody, With a Home, Or a Shelter. So, You Begin A Raise, To Help The Poor People,  The More You Get In, The More People Will Have Somewhere, Too. And I Feel Like My Home Is Great, Has The Goodies, a Family, And Some Pets, And I Feel Great. This Is How I Feel About Home, And Others.