Grade 6

British Columbia

Cozy Home

Home means being surrounded by the people you love and care about. Home is being greeted when you come home from being somewhere else, having people you love take care of you if you are sick, feeling comfortable and safe, and being able to show and talk about your feelings. At home you are able to clean yourself properly and relax.
Home is where you can make memories and have fun. When I am on my way home, I get a cozy feeling inside and I can’t wait to get home. I grew up in the same home all my life so my home is really special to me. Home to me is where you are able to have fun and spend time with your friends, family, and gather on holidays like birthdays.
Home is where you feel sheltered from anything that you don’t like that is going on outside of your home. Home is also where you shouldn’t be judged or made fun of, even though you shouldn’t be judged anywhere else either.
Having a place where you can feel whatever you want to feel, and do whatever you want is a big part of having a home for me. For me, getting along with the people you live with is also a really big part of a home. Home is where you can grow, make mistakes and learn from your mistakes without judgement. That is what home is and means to me.