Grade 4

British Columbia

Connor’s Home Sweet Home

Home to me means comfort. I love to relax and lay on the couch in the basement. My feather filled duvet is so soft and warm. Sometimes it’s nice to sit and do nothing in my home.

Home to me means fun. My puppy, El Chupacabra aka Chupee, is always biting me but not in a painful way. This is his way of playing and having fun. He likes to jump on people that he has missed throughout the day. My Nintendo Switch is exciting because it has “Super Smash Bros Ultimate”, “Splatoon Two” and “Super Mario Odyssey”. My computer is a limitless source of entertainment and education.

Home to me means creative expression. I love to draw because it lets my mind think in peace and clear it of bad thoughts. I’ve always loved to sing and my mom always plays Mexican music when it is taco night. My home is full of my grandpa’s and grandma’s artwork and that is a reminder of how much I miss them.

Home to me means delicious meals. These are the things that make me hungry: ice cream, burritos, tacos, lemonade, pie and ice cream, wagon wheels, big sunday breakfasts, homemade lasagna, homemade steak dinners, apple juice, homemade poutine, bbq burgers, homemade wonton noodle soup, fries, nachos, quesadillas, ice cream sundays and many, many more meals that I cannot remember right now. Nightly family dinners are special to me because I know that my mom (or whoever else was cooking) has put a lot of effort into that meal.

Home to me means safety. My bunk bed makes me feel cozy because my mom hung curtains and blankets to make it like a cave and (for some reason) I like small spaces. I am surrounded by fresh air, nature and wildlife with the ocean view from my home. Living across the cove from Canada’s West coast naval base makes me feel protected.

Home is so important to children. There are some children that are not as lucky as I am. I wish everyone could feel what I feel about my home.