Grade 4


Comparing House to Home

Comparing House to Home
What house means to me is living with shelter, having a roof to have safe cover. Safe from strangers and bad weather, we all need a home but not as light as a feather. Bills and taxes need to be paid, and money has to be weighed.
Rooms with space, garage with a car. Then you can strum your guitar. Smelling nice with air condition, you can have your own decisions. Hot and cold, young and old. Even some can be bald!
Dining, kitchen, living, bed, all those things can be a little dread. Homeless, elders all need to be fed, we also need a nice comfy bed. Backyard, front yard, playground, pool, maybe a little baby drool.
Childhood is an awesome living. All of us need to have a giving. Parenthood a little serious, but can also get tears in it.
Money, money getting lost. Don’t pay too much but get what you need, because a lot of things have a big cost. You can win the lottery and get lots of money, you could even buy your own pet bunny.
Snowy, rainy, hail, sleet. Go in your bed and cover up with your sheet. Snore, snore bed might be a bore. But sleep is a galore.
What home means to me is a heart full of love. With your pet and it might be a love dove. Time spent with others like cooking, eating or shopping. Or you might be in the hobby, boxing.
Laughter from siblings, and family. You might even speak some Cree. Language doesn’t matter. You could even help your mom cook a pancake batter. Grandparent to parent, parent to baby, baby to child. All those things can go a little to a lot mild.
Freedom and memories, peace and trust. You could help do chores by cleaning up the dirt and dust. Feelings come and go but not communication, when you don’t communicate anger, sadness and stress just grows and grows.
Fun mixed with friends equals faith beneath the thing you have never known. It is your sweet home. When you go to bed, you always pray and say that you had a wonderful day at your beautiful home.
Clothing and food, you might not like, but don’t give attitude, just go and pedal you favourite bike. Joy and care, but no disease or dares. You could ask your family to go to the summer, spring or winter fair. Don’t lie, don’t deny, just say what’s bothering you, even someone scared you by saying boo.
Pets are just an awesome thing for people and home, you might sleep with your own pet on your pet’s bed which is foam. What type of animal is your pet? It might be a ferret.
Disease what a disaster, don’t get one because then you can’t go on your boat which is a rafter. Sick is a little off, unless it is just a sickness that includes cough, cough.
That is how I would compare house to home in my own words.