Grade 6


Coming Home

Home is where you should feel comfort and happiness
Home is where you do or die
cry and lie
Live near or far home is just where you are

Home is where you share memories to treasure and keep
Love and Care
Me and my home will always be the best pair

Home is where I share my emotions
Dig deep and let it all out
With my family living in the house
I know they will help me without a doubt

When I hear articles on the news about people not having homes
I think about everything that I have
and how lucky I am God walks beside me every day

Big or small
Expensive or cheap
I will always be able to turn down a hall
reach for someone I love
and tell them how grateful I am to have a roof over my head

Home, a place where I can go
A place where I hang my heart
A place where I can always restart
A place where my family helped me reach for the stars
Here I feel encouraged
and never one bit discouraged

When people complain about getting a bad grade
that’s nothing compared to not getting a great home
to love all day,
sleep all night,
and watch the sunlight

Before I fall asleep
I make sure that I can’t hear a peep
So I can thank God that I have a beautiful home to call my own

I wouldn’t like to call home a place
I would like to call it a feeling

I have a hope and dream that my home is sleeping in my heart
and that we will never be split apart

As this poem has grown I would hope that this could strive for a family to have one of their own.

Live it.
Enjoy it.
Own it.