Grade 6

Prince Edward Island

Coming home

Getting off the school bus, my home in view.
Walking up the steps seeing my dog in the window.
Opening the door she comes zooming out.
Hearing my mom watching TV.
Taking off my shoes, then my coat.
Walking to hug my mom.
She asks me about my day as I go get a snack.
Looking through the fridge, moving to the pantry.
Grabbing a banana, then starting to walk around.
Seeing all the familiar surroundings that make my home special.
Hearing my brother open the door,
Walking in with his giant trombone.
I rush to get the PS4 before he does.
I start playing NHL21 till supper is ready.
I hear my dad coming down the stairs,
He tells me supper is ready.
I run upstairs to see what it is.
Knowing it will be delicious.
Sitting down at the table with my dinner.
Gulping it down while my family talks about their day.
I finish then run upstairs.
I jump into bed and start watching Youtube.
My mom comes in and tells me time to go to bed.
So I set my alarm for the next day.
Then I lay down in my dark room.
All warm,cozy and loved.
I fall asleep in my home.