Grade 6


Closer to Home

Ears overhear what home means,
Eyes are blinded so they overlook your scars
Because you hide it
Within your home.

“I miss home.” A child would say.
Tired, dragging their feet across the pavement.
The naive child will soon realize that a home can be held in the depths of their heart.

There is no need to isolate yourself,
For home is a place of love and happiness abide.

You will know when a community does not feel like home.
Yelling, to the point when you’ve yelled louder than you have before.
Fighting, till you will fight back.

But a fighter will not always stand tall,
They are allowed to fall back.
Back to their home.

A home and a house are not the same.
A house is a building that will provide you with shelter,
Whilst a home is a safe place where you feel comfortable in your own skin
With the fields of inspiration and your flaws.

Promises are imprinted on the walls, open and shown,
And where tears always roam.

This is home.