Grade 4


Cherishing Moments

I think of home like a big place that you can tell secrets in and love. A place where you sleep in. You cherish every moment that you get. This place this home this is your world! It was the place you were taken to after you were born. That was the place you started life. You wake up and are happy to wake up. The place where you sit in your room for hours. Home is the place you will always come back to. I personally have two homes but it`s AWESOMEEE. Every day you tell your home secrets even if it`s just how your day was or if something happened at school or even if it`s just that you like someone. Your home is the biggest secret holder it holds all of you and your family`s secrets and it cannot and will not tell any one of your secrets. At your house you have people over and your friends over and sometimes you will have sleepovers. You have the best time there and no one can change that. You will love your house forever and always.