Grade 4


Can You Have Two Homes?

A home is a place where you can feel happy, sad, and even mad. But my question is can you have two homes? I got a bit troubled with this essay. Because I didn’t know what home to write about. I love both of my homes for different reasons. There reason I love my dad’s home is because well… he doesn’t have his own house. He stays with his family and every time I see him, I see some other family members too. And I love my mom’s home because she’s really silly and she always makes me laugh. Once she was dancing in the kitchen with my brothers, I was still eating my breakfast, and when I turned to look at her, she was really close up in my face. I almost fell off my chair. But luckily, I was right by the wall so I didn’t fall. And if you have two homes, it doesn’t mean your mom and dad don’t live together. It can also mean one of your homes can be with your parents and your other home can be with your grandparents. But back to the question. Can you have two homes? The answer is yes. As long as you feel safe and happy and any other emotion. And you’re with your family. Then it’s a home. Well that’s what I consider a home. I wrote this essay because my home is a really special place to me. But not everyone is lucky to have a home. So this essay will give $10 for people who need a home.