Grade 6

British Columbia


Hello I’m Camrynn, I’m a caterpillar, I was born long and green and had room for special stuff, I was a special baby as all of us were. I was Born in Garden City ,then moved to St James and I am learning to live and love St. James, a far place from home and the other fellow caterpillars. Unfamiliar Caterpillars are accepting and tell me that “sometimes life changes and everybody loves us…” Do they let their caterpillar go for a ride like that? I got picked up by a car and went to St James, the owner of the car picked up a plant in Garden City and made me go against my will…. , One leaf, on that one plant in Garden City. I ate off a leaf on that plant, that sour leaf, should have said no don’t go. I was leaving my caterpillar crew that I knew and grew to love but I’m just a caterpillar. I have no Mom…who doesn’t have a mom?
They take me to this new place where everything is the same or so they say, the food is different, much louder here, and whoa!
New caterpillars? I have to learn and love, will they learn to accept me? I do have regrets clinging on to that. One leaf, on that one plant in Garden City. Uprooting all the way to St James. It’s not their fault I decided to go for the ride.
So we got to St. James, the new neck of the woods, “I like plants!” “isn’t that what plants mean? “lol isn’t that where I came from?”
I’m that caterpillar on one leaf, on that one plant in Garden City. now I am lost
“My name Is Camrynn the caterpillar from Garden City, had to move suddenly, as you can see we can’t shrug it off caterpillars don’t have shoulders, we are just a worm, so the humans say, they are born with 2 legs we have 6… 4 more than you bird brains, see watch humans my initials are CJ that’s two and I have six legs, see how many more I have? Do the math!.”
Keenan the caterpillar says “wow you’re lucky to be born in Garden City and get to move to meet us”, I say “it wasn’t my choice I want to go back to Garden City.” Keenan the caterpillar says “life is so short love every second of it.” Kinsey the caterpillar says “I agree before you know it we will all be big beautiful butterflies and we will always be together no matter what city!” I say “thank you?, when we all become beautiful butterflies it doesn’t matter where we came from Garden city, St James, St Norbert anywhere we will all reunite when the time is right” Kinsey the caterpillar says “don’t fly in front of cars!” “Until we meet again my big beautiful butterfly friends!”
One leaf, on that one plant in Garden City.
My story is, we were all caterpillars, we all grew up to hold on, One leaf, that one plant in Garden City.
The seed that planted us, we all went different directions, we sought the unknown. That one leaf, that one plant, the ride to the sky, don’t get hit by cars, I heard they hurt.
We all come in shapes and sizes, some fly and some don’t.. This is not the point and the moral of the story. We were born to crawl, fly and be free. .that one leaf, that one plant, that one sky in Winnipeg, we all connect in the sky. Through a butterfly’s eye.