Grade 6

St. Albert

Build Together

Home is a place where you feel safe, you can be yourself and maybe even have loved ones. Home is shelter, it is having a roof over your head, feeling comfortable, not being scared that something bad will happen. It is important to have a home because then you will be protected from harsh weather when it comes round, to have a place to stay if a tornado is coming, and most importantly a place where you can relax and sometimes take a small break from reality. Also I think that it would be so fun getting to decorate an empty house. Maybe when you are building your house you may realize that you enjoy doing construction and that will inspire you to try and get a construction job and boom you have a new job! Then when you live in it, it would be cool to know that you helped build it with your own two hands, and to be able to tell your daughter/son or grandchild that the mom/dad/grandpa/grandma helped build the place. To conclude this paragraph, everyone needs a home and sometimes they just need a little help.