Grade 5


Bring Hope

For me, the meaning of what a home is can be different for different people. There are many definitions of “home”. It can be a place to keep you safe, have family gatherings, a shelter, the quite sound of you sleeping or the sound of your alarm clock. It could also be a place for your dog or cat. It’s where you find comfort, peace and love.

There are about 200,000 Canadians who are homeless in Canada. They carry their belongings in a garbage bag to keep safe in the harsh weather year round. They have to sleep on the ground instead of a warm bed. Every single homeless person got to that point somehow. They might have lost their jobs or didn’t have enough money. Have you ever walked by a homeless person on the street? I have. When people walk by, they usually speed walk by, whispering mean words about them. When I see a homeless person I feel anger, sadness but mostly confusion. I feel confused because why are people being mean to them, they are normal people just like us, but unfortunately without a home. If those people knew what they have been through, and what it’s like without a place to call home, they wouldn’t make those comments.

In conclusion, a home is many things, not just one thing. It’s hard to describe a home with just words because it’s also a feeling. A home is not a fairy tale, something magical or a dream. There is so much a home can do. It can make you feel happy and give you comfort. I’m writing to help homeless people get a home and not get looked over and ignored. I don’t want people to take precious things for granted.