Grade 4


Brick by Brick

Family, joy, kindness and even your pets are all things that are in a home but a house is different. Why? At my family get-togethers there is always someone to wrap their arms around you. My family is one of a kind and they always make me laugh.

A house is just a building with no love and passion in the air. It’s so sad just the other day I saw a man asking for money.

You can take your heart out of your home but you can’t take your home out of your heart. Why I say this is because you make so many good memories in your home. Some of my best memories are with my family.

Sitting down on the couch on the and screaming at the TV that the Winnipeg Jets made the wrong play with my dad and bother brings a tear to my eye.

I wish that everyone in the world could have a home. I hope it will come true. I wish more people cared about the unfortunate. Thank you so much for taking care of the people that struggle to stay safe by them selves.

I hope that all of humanity can open up their hearts and help. It’s so kind of you to dedicate your time to help the people in need.

I love my home and I’d be devastated if someone took it away from me because I couldn’t pay. So thank you.

I can’t believe that you put in all that time for the poor and who ever wins the money I hope they give it to the right charity.

I can’t believe how much you help other people. They must be super happy that they’re getting a warm home.