Grade 5


Beyond an Address

A home is not the same as a house. A home is where you feel warm and safe. A house is just someplace where you live. Home is what you make it. For example, to some people a lush forest is home, or a cramped camper is home. When there is a storm your home makes you feel warm and safe but some people don’t have a protected and cozy when there is a storm. A house is just walls, bricks and wood. It’s just materials that you can see and touch. But a home has love and family. A home is not just what you see, but how you feel, things you can’t touch. The best part about having a home is the tenderness that goes around. A house has an address and it is just an address for a piece of property. But having a home, the address is way more than just a number that represents your home. For me, my home is way more than a house because it is my family, friendship and a safe environment.