Grade 6


Ben’s Immigration to Winnipeg

A boy named Ben immigrated to Winnipeg. Ben had a hard time finding a new house and a new school. When Ben first came to Winnipeg with his family he was really scared. Ben had no family to support him. He had to make new friends at school. When Ben made friends at school he really enjoyed school and was happy. Ben’s family were poor when they first came to Winnipeg and they asked the bank for a loan to get a house. They were so fortunate to get a house his parents got jobs and started working. Ben’s dad works as a dentist and his mom works as a pediatrician. They had a good house and they were lucky to buy a car. Ben and his family started to explore Winnipeg’s restaurants, movie theaters, parks and they started to like it. Ben’s parents made friends and they helped Ben’s family in Winnipeg. When Ben and his family lived in Winnipeg for 5 years they started to love Winnipeg.