Grade 6

British Columbia

Belonging Within

Your house is not a home
You may live there
But it’s not your own,
There is only one place truly yours.
You just need to find the key,
And open up its doors.

Just please don’t try to smash its lock,
It will only hurt you more
And The last thing you need,
Is more tear stains on the floor.

Each key is different, in its own unique way
Deep inside your very chest
waiting patiently, it lay

Trust these words hold them dearly,
A true home is found,
Clearly within your heart
And in the people all around

So pin it with a dart of love,
And hold it so very close.
In doing so, you may find
You are never again morose.

So no longer will you suffer,
And I mean it real.
A life ahead less rougher,
Just follow how you feel.
It will lead you home.
Think of your home, your place.
To you, it could be your house, to me, my real home is where I feel most comfortable.
I could say I feel at home when I dive into a sparkling lake or river.
I might say I feel at home with my family around me.
I could feel at home in a tent, in the middle of a forest.
There are many, many people who don’t have a house
But they might just have a home.
So let’s give to them a house, a place for their home to reside in peace and happiness
A place for their selves to be themselves.
So Let’s give them a helping hand. I say, Welcome home.