Grade 5

Newfoundland and Labrador

Being grateful

It’s pouring rain outside,you wake up in your warm comfy bed snuggled into your blanket, meanwhile someone else is waking up in the pouring rain,cold,shivering,wishing they had a home.most of us think of a home with four walls and a roof. Since we see homes everyday they’re part of our daily lives, so we don’t see them as anything special. But people without a home see them as a luxury!
You might be thinking,how is a home a luxury,it’s a luxury for them because,then they will have warmth,protection, and much much more.truthfully,we are very privileged to have homes because there are families out there struggling to find good protected homes, because they cant pay for rent or childcare. I’m grateful for my home because it’s a place where i feel safe and secure, i have a loving family that is able to take care of me, i had to cats that lived outdoors and now they have a home. A home is a place where i feel welcomed,and my friends do to. But what i’m trying to say is
Don’t take the things you have for granted be thankful for the things you have like clean water,a home,food,animals, and family that can love you!