Grade 4

Prince Edward Island

Bee’s Nests

A bee’s nest is made up of many bees; they are a family, and the nest is their home. Their nest provides safety and warmth for bees to rest, make honey, and raise their babies. Like a bee’s nest, friends and family spend time together, celebrate birthdays, and enjoy holidays. A home helps families create traditions, like family movie nights. To not have a bee’s nest would be very sad.
Without a bee’s nest of their own, families cannot have feelings of safety and warmth. They cannot have large gatherings and may not feel like celebrating holidays. Without a bee’s nest, their babies may feel scared, families may not have enough food to eat, and maybe their moms and dads do not have a job. Having a bee’s nest is important to feel safe and warm.
Bees build their homes together. Habitat for Humanity helps families make their own bee’s nest. They help provide the family with the tools and supplies they need. Then, Habitat for Humanity helps the family build their own bee’s nest. This is very special because having a bee’s nest of your own will help you feel safe and warm.