Grade 5


Beauty of Home

Home means to me: a beautiful house, a place full of memories. Have you ever taken the time to relax and think about memories old or new, funny or sad? There may be multiple houses you’ve been in, or maybe only one. A home is to live, laugh, love and relax. Some, or alot of people might not have a house. It is awesome to spend a night watching a movie with a friend or family, big or small, rich or poor. Every house has a special memory or multiple memories. I take time out of my day to just breathe inside of my cozy home. Each second is beautiful inside a house, apartment, or shelter. I hope that some day everyone has a house or apartment of their own. It is a beautiful place, no matter what. A house reminds me of a rainbow. How? Each colour has a beautiful way of its own. A house is to relax and laugh by yourself, or with friends. A place to fully appreciate. A place to feel protected no matter what. A place to feel free from whatever. A place that is special for everyone in the house, especially yourself. How do I know this? I have lots of memories in my house, and so should you. Whether they are sad memories or happy. Just remember every second is important. A place for me is a place to dance, sing on, watch anime, stranger things etc, etc. I love drawing in my house or decorating! Even though there are homeless or less fortunate people doesn’t mean that they are sad. A home is a loving, caring house. I hope that some day alot of homeless people find a home. Home is love, love is home.