Grade 4


Be Safe With Family and Friends

Why it’s important about the meaning of home. Why. Be safe and always have shelter to live in and NEVER be homeless! That’s why the meaning of home is helping people by making homes to live in. The meaning of community is a worldwide homeless to living into a home. They can change your future.
I think you should be with mom and dad when you move. Moving is hard at hard times. But mom and dad can comfort you when moving. Mom and dad help always. So, if memories of your old home ask mom or dad if they can help. If you’re feeling down or blue, mom and dad can help with feelings. In conclusion, be happy but get help from mom and dad.
I feel brother and sister can help when you move. I think at your new home and miss your old home maybe talk about it or take a walk. I prefer brother or sister to help move your stuff in the house. If you feel down walk or play with them. I know it’s hard to move but friends can help. If a friend lives near you ask them to help move in. It’s hard to move your toys and books, games, game boards, lots of stuff. If need help decorating, ask a friend to join in to paint your room.
In conclusion I know it’s hard to move places, but friends can help. In conclusion friends and family help at bad times or to move in. What I mean is just stay at home. Siblings or family or friends can help moving or moving in. I mean you need family, friends and shelter to stay in and stay warm. Stay safe and always have shelter.