Grade 4

British Columbia

Baseball in Japan and Canada

Yugi was a little boy who lived in Tokyo, Japan. He had smooth black hair that he liked to push to the side of his head, which left a big forehead and brown eyes in the middle of his face. Yugi was 11 years old and his hobby was baseball. He was number 36 and he was good at baseball. He was hoping to move up the junior team in his hometown so he could make more friends by traveling to city to city.

It would be fun, really fun to travel and move around but his favorite place would always be home…He often thought of his home, his family, his dog Ronald, his neighbors and the tree in the backyard where he collected tree sap in a blue bucket.

Meanwhile, his dad was keeping a secret from him for a whole year. Finally, his dad told him: “There is some good news and some bad news.” The good news was that Yugi’s family was moving to Canada. The bad news is that he was moving in two weeks and he barely even spoke any English. He felt sad to leave his hometown.

His dad would always say: A home is the place you live in, where you put your hat on a rack; it can be anywhere. Our home is a house, your uncle’s home is an apartment, your dog Ronald lives in that old dog house. Home is where you create your new life.

Three months later Yugi made it on a junior team in Canada, his new country and home where baseball is played in the exact same way!