Grade 5

St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador

At Home

Home is where my Mom, my Dad, and my dog Ace are
It’s where I go to hang out with them

I feel very safe when I’m home
From anything you can think of
From the blasting winds outside
And the scary sights of the outside world
I always feel safe at home

Home is where I make the most memories
From when I was a baby to just yesterday
There’s always a memory to make at home

Even on the best trips down south or to the east
I always miss my warm, comfy bed back home

When I get home I feel a chain is lifted off me
As I can express anything
I can tell my parents everything

Home is where I always have fun
During the holidays or on a regular day
I love to pull out a blanket and a book, and have a cup of tea
And just forget everything and just be cozy

Home is where I get the most support
Whether it’s about tennis or school
I get the most help from Mom and Dad at home

I’m so glad I have a home
As many people don’t
It’s nice to know you have a place
To just be yourself