Grade 6


At Home Is The Place I Want To Be

At Home Is The Place I Want To Be
Home is my happy place,
where I have my very own space.
When I come home and,
roam around to see my caring family.
No need to be afraid,
When Im in the shade of my home.
Growing up,
From small to big.
Home is truly my favorite place.

Growing up within untouched cream colour walls,
to touched dented cream colour walls.
I am grateful for my home,
Which holds my family together.
Through hot and cold,
And snow and rain.
My home is where I live,
In my very own pace.

When others don’t have a home,
Where do they stay?
They don’t have a place,
To truly call their happy place.
How will they start their memories.
Habitat for humanity helps others
Through their tough times.
It builds connections and bonds,
For those whos houses are falling apart.

Don’t you think others should have a home,
To store and keep warmful memories in.
I am grateful for my humble home,
Which keeps me safe and protected.
Don’t take your house for granted,
Its the thing that keeps you warm through the days in the freezing snow and pouring rain.