Grade 6

Portugal Cove - St. Philip's
Newfoundland and Labrador

At Home, Here.

Home is where I drive out every summer
Home is where the waves crash against the seashore.
Where motorboats pass with a friendly wave.
When the door creaks whenever someone enters.
Home is where you can run wild and free
Home is where I can drape my curtain over like a door.
Home is where I can peel open my eyes for early morning walks. Home is where I can jump into my bathing suit and go for a swim while scuba diving.
Home is where I get stung where the tears can come out.
Home is a long walk to skull beach.
I’m where friendly faces come to visit.
Home is where jellyfish come out in late august.
Home is where I go on short walks down to the beach across from us.
Home is where I end up melting in the hot sun.
Home is where I can untie up the rowboats rusty rope before taking it out for a spin.
At home here, it is the best place to be. It’s where you make new friends and make new memories.
Home to me is where I’m longing to go in the summer.

I wish everyone could have this amazing home.
That everyone can have these amazing feelings every day.
That everyone can the warmest welcome when summer comes.
But I am determined to make that happen.
I want to grow up and change lives not save them.