Grade 4


At Home

At home I have family
At home I’m love
At home I’m cared for.

At home I’m secure
At home I’m have shelter
At home I’m have good memories.

At home I’m happy
At home I’m welcomed
At home I’m invincible.

At home I can be Myself
At home I’m strong
At home I’m proud.

At home I can get a good sleep
At home I’m joyful
At home everyone is kind.

Homeless means loneliness
Homeless means we’re invisible
Homeless means coldness.

Homeless means forgotten
Homeless means abandoned
Homeless means frightened.

Homeless means you are money less
Homeless mean you’re helpless
Homeless mean you don’t matter.

Homeless means you’re left out
Homeless means you’re forbidden
Homeless means learning Is harder.

Homeless means you’re afraid
Homeless mean you don’t matter
Homeless means you’re in danger.

And that’s why home matters to me.