Grade 4


Appreciate Home

What My Home Means To Me.
In this essay I will be writing about how my home makes me feel.
When you are at your home you should feel cozy and warm, loved and cared for. When I’m at home I feel like sitting in a warm blanket and snuggling up by the fireplace in the dark with my dog and kitten~ You should feel safe when you’re at your house, You should trust who you love and love them back. A home should be somewhere where you can have fun with family and friends! You should be able to do things that are safe and not get pushed around. You should be able to be you without people judging you for who you truly are. Wherever you are that’s not safe, you should want to go back home where you are safe. You should feel the joy to see family and friends because they are who care for you. You should give your love to the special ones in your life that you care for the very most! When I come home from school I never get rid of the cheesy smiles my pets give and you should never get rid of the funny thoughts that come to your mind~ Be a kid when you can, Because one day, you’ll miss those cheesy dad jokes or tight bear hugs! Right now they may seem annoying but they never ever will get old no matter what you do. The wonderful family of yours will always be with you~ They will be with you when there up there where you can’t see them but in your heart you can feel them warming your soul… You should be grateful for all you have! Because some people out there don’t have enough money for a house or even money at all… They don’t have food, water, or even maybe some clothes! Your home should be somewhere that you can snuggle up in bed and let your parents and pets snuggle with you! You should spend weekends with family members because you won’t have much time with them! Your time is limited with them on weekends that’s why you should spend the memories and moments wisley. When you graduate or do something you are proud of, Your family and friends should be too. You shouldn’t make friends just because they are popular or something you should make friends that won’t leave you on purpose, You should make true friends that will be there for you for life! Your home should have trusting, caring, sweet and loving people! Where you should be able on christmas morning Run to your parents bedroom and jump up on their bed in excitement! Without them being mad and grumpy.. A loving home should be where you come home from school and play with a brother or sister or even some pets if you have some! A true friend would NEVER let you down because they are there for you! If you ever see a homeless person out on the streets then maybe lend some cash because if you go back and think about all the warm and nice meals you have, they probably don’t have money for food and a home you can help too!