Grade 6


Anything can happen at HOME

One day in the fall I came back from dance all tired so I wanted to sleep right away. Then I started getting ready for bed and my mom brought my dog Azumi outside to the backyard to do her business but when my mom brought her outside she left the gate open so my dog ran out the backyard into the front and she ran all the way down the block onto the street near A.E Wright. While all this was happening my mom was chasing Azumi and I was in bed with no idea that Azumi ran away. But when my mom was chasing Azumi she forgot the leash so when she catches her she doesn’t have to hold so she started spamming the doorbell and I didn’t open the door because I thought it was random stranger so i didn’t open the door but then my mom started screaming at the door saying open the door then I opened the door and my mom came in yelling “Azumi ran away!” and I didn’t believe it! Home, a place where anything can happen, bad and good, funny and sad.