Grade 6

Brentwood bay
British Columbia

Any house can be a home

t there is charity toAll children deserve a home and childhood, A time to learn and a place to grow. But some children don’t even have a chance to have that. Home is a place to be you, a place to be free and to be honest. But there are still children dying on the streets, I’m just glad tha get them back on their feet. A child can dream, but having to dream about feeding is just sad. Some kids, even adults don’t have warmth, only a box all night. I am in pain when I think that some get slain, but at least we can donate our time for the struggling. Home is a place that keeps you warm and happy even if it’s not yours. If you have old clothes, the least you can do is donate yours. I’m lucky to have a home, a place to stay and a place to play. Every child should be just as lucky and as happy as me.