Grade 6

Nova Scotia

Anthony’s Farmhouse

When I enter my house after a long day in the woods I’m greeted by my dog who jumps around when he sees me and the smell of my mom’s food run by my nose. After I go and see my brother and grandfather sitting in the living room talking about the woods and farming then we all go to the dinner table to enjoy our mothers delicious meal that she has cooked for us on the old wood stove. Then me and my brother head out to the barn to do the chores like feed the cows and horses and put the chickens in their coop so they can have a warm night sleep like us. After we do our chores we start going back to the house. When we get into the house we set up the game table and play some board games with old country classics playing in the background. So now we are going to bed but first we make sure our dogs and cats are all in for the night then we start to go upstairs but first we say good night to our family then we go crawl into our warm comfy beds and dream wonderful dreams in the night. So our day is over and we are all tucked in a ready for a good start to the next day.