Grade 6


Animal Habitats

Hello, my name is Elisha. Today, I will be talking about animal habitats. First, I will talk about bird nests. Second, I will talk about beaver dams, and last, I’ll talk about spider webs.

Birds have nests for their home. The nest keeps them comfortable and safe. They make a nest by collecting sticks and straw. Then, they put their babies in it, and keep worms for them to eat.

Beavers make their homes by chopping wood from trees with their teeth and stacking it on top of each other on a pond. Their homes are called beaver dams. The beavers would go underneath the pile of sticks and stay comfortable in there!

Spiders have homes too! They make their homes by webs that come out of their body and it makes a cool pattern. Spiders can catch insects with their web.

People have homes to be comfortable and animals do too! If you see a nest, a beaver dam, a spiderweb, or other kinds of homes for animals, do not break or damage them! Would you like it if someone just stomped or damaged your home? I know I sure wouldn’t!