Grade 6


An Everyday Life, For Some People

I hear my parents calling me down for dinner. I rush down the stairs excitedly, happily inhaling the scent of steak and discover a big meal waiting for me. Steak, mashed potatoes, a big glass of water, and some carrots. I hurry to the table eager to eat. I pick up a piece of steak eagerly and bring it to my mouth. It tastes so amazing and juicy. I gobble up everything in what seems like a matter of minutes. When I look up from my plate I see my family around me at the dinner table. My dad asks “Do you want seconds?” I answer “ I’ll get it myself thanks.” As I’m getting more food I realise how much my parents do for me and how lucky I am to see my family when I walk into my warm house each day to have my dog come running to meet me at the door. We have so many enjoyable moments at the dinner table together. That night when I was lying in my warm bed I wondered what if I didn’t have this. What if I didn’t have have a home with family who care for me? That’s what home is to me, it’s family and fun times and I’m super grateful and happy to have that.