Grade 4


An Amazing Recipe for Home

An Amazing Recipe for Home!

You will need four cups of feelings because you can feel different emotions like being happy, sad, excited, upset and many more, but one I feel a lot is safety. When I am at home, I feel safe when I am with my family in my home.

Then you want four teaspoons of forgiveness. Forgiveness is very important. Everybody has to remember that we all make mistakes and so do you and me. We are all humans so it is very important to forgive people if they did something wrong.

Next you will want four cups of caring. In our home, we want to make sure that we care for eachother. Caring is an important ingredient to an amazing home. Caring is fundamental in our home.

After that, you will need four cups of compassion and respect. They are very important to keep a good home smooth. You have to respect people in your home and you also have to show them compassion.

The last and most important ingredient is love. You will need seven cups of love. Love is what brings us together in our home. Love is like your home’s air freshener. Love brings us together in our home.

Now mix it up every morning and use it for the rest of the day!