Grade 6


Amanda’s Lesson

Amanda lives in LA. She has a great personality, the only “problem” about her is that she’s always ungrateful. Amanda would sometimes say how she has 2 pets and other people has 4, or she would not be satisfied with something about her clothes, and many more. The thing that annoys Lucy (her mom) the MOST is that she complains about her home.

Amanda lives in a small apartment with three siblings and her mom. Her family doesn’t have enough money to buy a BIG mansion and Amanda would always complain that the apartment is too small for five people and the walls aren’t soundproof. Her sister Lily, her brother Lucas and Nate are all younger than Amanda. Lucy always says: “Amanda, you’re the oldest in the family and you should behave the most!”, but Amanda is the COMPLETE opposite of that. Lucy also says: “Home is where love is all around, where we make great memories, where it’s comfortable and safe. You should appreciate what you have right now or one day you might lose it all.” Amanda just rolled her eyes and went to bed. That night Amanda had a NIGHTMARE of where she was homeless, she was sitting on the edge of the road that’s under her apartment asking for money. Teens would come by her and just laugh at her being homeless; even her best friend. Her siblings and Lucy would live in the same apartment. She always looked up, but no one looked back at her, it was like she’s invisible, she knew she wasn’t but felt like it. She had nothing, not even good clothes. That morning she woke up with sweat on her face. Now she’s learned her lesson, after that night, she’s never been ungrateful again!