Grade 4


Always the Meaning of Home

Home is what I call a safe haven.
Always in my soft blanket.
Laying around and watching TV.
Though I’d always like a little look through the window!
I could maybe, draw on my device, or either draw like a normal person.
After that, I could’ve went to bed.
What do you think? Of course I would, I love my bed!
Like what could I do without it? It’ll always make my night, even better!
When I woke up, there was some food.
Always made by my caring mother!
Delicious as always, and always filled with love.
Later on, I’d do my work.
Long to finish, but fun to do!
After working I’d probably rest, then go to sleep.
Home, such a delightful place to rest and sleep.
Maybe even imagine some imaginary friend of yours.
Love this place, it’s very good!