Grade 4


Alone in the Winter

The meaning of home is the safety of other people,
Giving shelter,
Helping everyone to find a home.
Let their life be changed,
Happiness spreading everywhere before our eyes.
Comfiness instead of hard cement,
Laying on the ground in the middle of streets,
Alone in the night.
Not a lot of food or cover,
Cold winters making it hard for warmth,
On the days of loneliness…
Nothing with anybody.
Just a box on top of your head,
Standing still.
The wind blows on to your face in the cold winter,
All day long and never ends,
Until the sun rises up,
And melts the cold away,
Warming everyone up.
Enjoying without blankets, cold wind freezing your face
Or shivering,
Just the sun shining on top of your head