Grade 5


All You Need is a Home

Negitive Homless

It doesn’t mean anything to me.
It doesn’t mean love or peace,
I don’t have a home.
I never will,
I don’t have money I dont even have a dollar bill.
I don’t have food or a bed.
I don’t have a life.
I just live in the spray painted building.
When people walk by, they don’t even notice me, they just go along with their day.
I’m not completely lonely, I have a
couple of rats here with me to
keep me company.
No one will save me.
They won’t.
They won’t.
They won’t.
So I may stay here for the rest of my life, I think that will be how this goes.
I am homeless.

Positive homless

This is very important to me.
Home to me is very free,you can
do anything you want and it’s where you can be you!
It is where you don’t need
money or food, all you
need is a family.
Your home could be brick and
wood, but to me, it could
be just a simple tree.
I have a home, it may not have a chair but at least I can care.
I have a family and a dog; that is all I need to be happy.
There are some nice people that do care, they just haven’t made it to me yet, but I hope. I hope.
I hope.
I know someone will save me from this tragic mess until then I’ll just rest.
I am homeless.