Grade 6


All the Differences

A home, to me, is like a room, with every square foot, there are differences. The family room is the place where you store all of your belongings. The bedroom is obviously your bed because, it’s a bed. The laundry room is like your hamper, because it’s where you store your dirty clothes. The storage room is your closet, where you store all the stuff you don’t want to take care of. The room where you store your books (for me it’s the laundry room) is your bookshelf. Your kitchen is like the place where you find your creativity because being creative with your food is the same as with a drawing. The garage is the doorway, one of the first things you see. The heart of your house is your family. And in your room you get to choose what it looks like. You are the king or queen of your room, and that is where the heart is. It’s in all of us, and therefore nobody is better than anyone else because we all love our house even if you don’t think so. Remember that if you didn’t have a home then you wouldn’t have a safe place to stay.