Grade 4

Newfoundland and Labrador

All my love!

All my love!
My home is special,
My home nice,
My home is never clean or precise,
We also have tenants,
Their extremely nice.

We have a lot of game nights.
My home is like magic,
At least it’s magic to me.
It acts as healing water from the ocean or sea.

I could never ask for a better home,
It never makes me moan or groan,
I have a doggy, as cute as a rainbow.
Sometimes she can be a bit of a pain though.
It’s only because she barks all day.
At least that’s what we all say.

My home is a beautiful place,
My dog Chelsea and I like to play chase.
My home is so special, I’m extremely speechless.
My home is and always will be…..BEATLESS!!!