Grade 4


All About a Home

“Home is where our story begins” (by Marla Rae.) Home is where people are loved and are caring for everyone in the home. People are connected and they help each other when in need. In a home when people feel loved and cared for they have a good feeling that keeps them going for the rest of their day and life. In a home there is also joy and laughter, Where you can enjoy your time in a home and have fun with your special family. Enjoy your home and everything in it. “Home Is The Starting Place Of Love, Hope and Dreams.” (written by Mike Campagna)

Did you know that families need love to stay together? Because if they didn’t they would not care for each and everyone in the home. They also would have too many arguments that their family would just fall apart. The feeling of love gives people a good vibe and they have a smile on their face and then they give a smile to someone else too! And that’s why love is so important in a home

Did you know that laughter and fun makes your home interesting? It really does! It would be very boring without having that, even having a home itself! Having fun is one of the keys to a good life in a home. When one person starts laughing everyone else would too! That’s why laughter and fun is also important for a family. “The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.” (written by Wendy Wunder)

Home is a place to have love and laughter in a home. A place to be loved and cared for, and just having fun! Home is my comfort.