Grade 5

Nova Scotia

About my homes

About my homes essay
I go to two homes.my Mom and Dad live apart from each other.My Dad is half an hour away from my Mom and I see him once every two weeks and I’m ok with it but I sometimes miss him but I can’t see him.When I Is go down my dads It is fun but most of the attention gose to my sister and Im not ok with that I need attention too you know just because Im older doseint mean I dont need attention.my dad has some toys and stuff so we are always having fun.
Sometimes I just sit on a chair and play my phone and ya time passis by realy quick I also forgot to mention my dad doesnt yell or get mad that often.By the way he lives in a stinky apartment what I mean Is that the halls stink and it slips into my dads apartment.Now on the other hand you get my mom always yelling kinda bossy but inside she’s kinda sweet she also lives in a apartment nice apartment.with only three rooms and three people fits well I’m mostly in my room playing on my phone or on my xbox one.and sometimes I hope I find something fun to do.my mom and dad dont get along well and both homes are kinda dirty I kinda hate it but I deal with it.I need to go every 2 weekends but sometimes i dont but i do and sometimes i regret asking to stay home and sometimes I dont beacuse sometimes thay have alot of fun and sometimes thay dont have funn and I love both homes I wish that life could be better with my mom and dad my mom and dad move in perfect my Dad moves into the house byside her pearfict.Life Is never really perfect.Now i’m going to tell you about who I live with.At my main home wich is my Moms we got my mom my sis and my two cats and last but not least my ten year old dog.

Now time for my second house my nana just moved In so my nana my dad my sis my nanas cat and my Dads girlfriend I find It’s beter a little at my Dads house then my Moms.^-^

Who in all you live with do you perfir the most?
Who out of all of the people do i perfir the most well…my mom and dad my sis not meny people…

So my main home is with my mom and sometimes I want to live with my dad but ya know what I can’t…Sucks.But now I realise now and i dont want to live with my dad.thayer is alot of mean people down thayer and a new school well nope I dont want to.