Grade 6


About my Home

This is a poem
About my home
A home should be for all, and warm
A home should be for a family, and not get you in any harm
Seeing the light dazzling
Just makes me feel blazing
I smell down the hall fresh baked cookies
Crunch ! Munch ! Scrunch !
When the thunderstorm comes
I think of my beds lively hug
When you go to the shower
You smell prime flowers
I eat mashed potatoes
While the potatoes call for help from the tomatoes
A home is a place to keep you away from raining cats and dogs
Or maybe raining crazy frogs
The walls all stainless
The floors taintless
Home is different for every girl and boy
You can see california and you can ask them how they lost all their homes
You can see how to forest fires cross the zones
be thankful everyday you have a home to enjoy
Not everyone can spend time home
Some go to work on google chrome
Others go to vacation
To spend time in their nation
Not everyone is able to afford a home
I know it makes us all moan
But be grateful for a shelter
So be kind and make people’s heart melt
My home is where my story starts
And our beauty of your home is art, can become everyone’s affable hearts
This is a poem
About my home