Grade 6

New Brunswick

A Wonderful Place to Call Home

What does home mean to me?

Home is where you can be happy.

Where you can be safe.

Where you can make memories.

Where people that love you surround you and give all their love.

At home, you can smell your mom’s cooking

You can hear the voices of your little sisters shouting.

You can see your dad coming home from work.

And when it’s time to sleep your parents give you a kiss.

A kiss that sends a message throughout your body that they love you no matter what.

Not everybody has a home.

Some people have no food, no money, no heat, no water and no safe place to go to.

Some people live in in an apartment with dirty rats and soaking walls.

Some live in a basement with mushrooms growing in them.

That’s why Habitat for Humanity is doing all they can to help.

They’re trying to build homes for people that are homeless.

A home where they can be safe and sound.

A home where they are comfortable.

A home where they won’t be judged.

So even when they leave, they still have something in their heart.

A wonderful place to call home.