Grade 5


A Way to Help the World

Home isn’t always a place. So then what is home? Home is defined in the dictionary as the place or area where one lives. But when I think of home, it can range from the smell of my mother’s fantastic cooking, to the sound of laughter when my whole family is together. But I haven’t always lived in the same house. My family has moved from place to place as a result of unsteady work options for my dad, but it never really affected me as long as I was with the people I’d come to love so much. So when I start to think of home, it really can be anywhere my friends and family are. When I’m with them, it feels like I really belong. It feels so welcoming. So warm.

My home is a place of love, laughter, and luxury. It brings peace, faith, and hope for better things. Right over my head is a roof, and in my room, a bed waits, just for me. It’s so effortlessly comfortable, with both a heater and insulation.

I’ve always had the privilege to have a roof above my head, where rainy days will never affect me. I’ve had the blessing of shelter protecting me from harsh weather, the cold, and the extreme heat. I can play board games with family, hang out with friends without having to worry about a thing.

But this is just my definition of home. What if I were to ask someone else, what their idea of home is? What would their response look like? The thing is, some people might not have any idea at all what home is like to them, because they’ve never had one. We can’t let this fact be ignored, especially when we have the power to help.