Grade 5


A Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Meaning of A Home by. Sophia

My home is the place where, we make all the memories.

The good kinds and sometimes the bad hurtful memories.

The home I stay in sleep in and love in.

Is the home where all the jokes are where the fighting begins!

A home is somewhere you can cry laugh and have fun!

My home is where I play games with my family.

The pets might come and play!

My home is where I play with my three sisters.

One older two younger it doesn’t matter.

Two cats one dog one mom one dad all I love.

Playing games is important.

why and how?

You may ask well games makes are family come closer.

My home makes me feel cozy and safe.

Sometimes my home gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

Like everything is going to be ok.

A home makes you feel thankful.

All the memories in a home can be unforgettable.

A home a home is where your adventures begin.

Your home can be any kind.

My home all I can say is a warm fuzzy feeling.