Grade 5

shoal lake

A True Home

A True Home

Home is the place that I go to relax, sleep,eat and drink. Having a home is a human right and it is where you share memories with your friends and loved ones. Home is the place to talk about private things with your family (not like I have any!). A home is a piece of your family and your heart.

A home is a special place and my favourite places to go are the dining room, the living room, my bedroom, and the backyard! The best things in my house are food and I feel very grateful for this!

A home to me is like a heart. The reason I say this is because your heart has a home in your chest and you have a place in your home. How a true home feels is like when you fall in love with someone. I find a home a puzzle piece to make my family complete.

Overall, a home is a piece of my family.