Grade 5


A Thought to Reflect Upon

I can’t believe it! She actually left me! We’ve been together for all of eternity and now she’s just… gone. I need to be pinched. SOMEONE PINCH ME! NOW! OWIE! OK. Definitely not dreaming. By the way, I’m Grace. My older sister tiffany, just left for Ontario. She’s going there so that she can study towards becoming an audiologist. It’s only been two minutes and I’m already missing her! These are going to be a very long five months.

3 hours later…

Mom said Tiffany had arrived in Ontario. I immediately got a piece of paper and a pencil to write her a letter. In it, I asked her if she was enjoying Ontario so far, some personal stuff that you don’t need to know about, and that I didn’t feel at home without her.

1 week later…

She finally answered! She that she missed everyone, that she made a new friend named Rachel, and that she didn’t feel at home without us either she said that to her, a home is a feeling and not just a place to stay. That it’s being with the people you love. That night, after a supper of yummy steak, French fries, and raw vegetables, Grace said goodnight to her parents and their dog Daisy. After using the facilities and changing into her pyjamas, she allowed herself to lay in bed and think about what her older sister had said. She thought about what a home meant to her. Then only did she truly understand the meaning of home.