Grade 5

Nova Scotia

A Thing Called Home

Did you know that a home is somewhere you feel safe not just a house you live in?
Home is all about family because usually when you are at home you are with the people you love. Maybe you are with your mom or your brother or your nanny. It doesn’t matter as long as you love them.
For me when at home I’m usually cooking with my mom or dad, brother or my step parents. Just the smell of food reminds me of home. For example, when I walk into a restaurant sometimes it smells like home or i walk into my house and I smell food and I think Yup this is home.
Whenever I see my family smile when I’m in my house It makes me happy because we are having fun together. When I make them laugh I know that we are home because being home means you are happy.
With all that said weather you cook with the people you love like me or anything else if you feel safe, you are at home. So always remember a home is not a place with four walls and a roof. It’s where you feel safe.